Breeds of Dogs That Are Extremely Obedient 

There is a wide range of intellect, specialization, and other distinguishing features among the many breeds.  

People with exceptional memory retention or heightened emotional sensitivity stand out from the crowd, while others excel in social relations.  

Most dog owners, when looking to add a new family member to their home, choose a breed that is well-known for being friendly and easy to teach.  

Discover the several obedience dog breeds, each with its own unique personality and set of skills, and pick out your favorite. 

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Their average age is nine to thirteen years old, and they weigh 66 to 88 pounds for males and 49 to 71 pounds for females.  

German Shepherds need frequent mental and physical activity; they learn basic orders as early as eight weeks old, 

and they are highly favored by law enforcement due to their trainability, acute nose senses, and unfaltering bravery.  

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