Best Relaxing Dog Treats  

"I recommend calming treats for dogs with separation anxiety, fireworks or thunderstorm phobia, car rides or veterinary visits phobia,   

or general anxiety and nervousness," stated South Carolina general practice veterinarian Sylvalyn Hammond, D.V.M.  

Calming Bliss Bars Dr. Hammond prefers Kradle's relaxing dog treats. "It incorporates natural ingredients such as passionflower  

and L-tryptophan [an amino acid], which have been shown to have calming effects on dogs,"she said. The soft Bliss Bars' peanut butter-bacon flavor pleases dogs.  

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A serving before a stressful event like leaving for work (separation anxiety is real!), a rainstorm, or a planned vehicle travel is advised by the manufacturer.  

If you use these daily or have a big dog, they can be expensive. The brand makes hard chews for gnawing dogs.  

Calming Chews Greenies chicken-flavored calming pills are the only under-$20 brand on our list and available at supermarkets, pet stores, and mass merchants.  

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