Best Relaxing Dog Treats

For wolves-related animals, dogs can be scaredy cats. Calming dog treats can soothe your nervous pup.   

general anxiety and nervousness," stated South Carolina general practice veterinarian Sylvalyn Hammond, D.V.M.  

Dr. Hammond and Bond Vet physician and director of virtual medicine Lisa Lippman, D.V.M., recommended substances for dogs. 

Our list excludes CBD and hemp dog treats because GH Institute nutrition specialists don't have enough scientific evidence to recommend them for canine anxiety.  

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Some study suggests CBD can benefit dogs with pain, but "I recommend its use with caution and after consultation with a veterinarian.

A serving before a stressful event like leaving for work (separation anxiety is real!), a rainstorm, or a planned vehicle travel is advised by the manufacturer.   

If you use these daily or have a big dog, they can be expensive. The brand makes hard chews for gnawing dogs.  

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