Best Breakfast Sandwiches by State

Breakfast lovers nationwide have a liking for a superb breakfast sandwich. We traveled the country to find each state's signature breakfast sandwich.  

Grab your fork and knife—we're exploring numerous flavors!The Classic Bodega Egg and Cheese is a morning staple in New York City.  

Imagine a bustling metropolis with delis making this famous treat. A soft bread with a liberal topping of scrambled eggs and cheese creates a masterpiece.   

This dish captures the secret New York bustle.Breakfast on the sunny West Coast becomes the Avocado and Bacon Bagel, a healthy option without sacrificing taste.   

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The aroma of a toasted whole-grain bagel blends with creamy avocado slices, crunchy bacon, and a sunny cooked egg.  

This dish represents California's sophisticated taste, freshness, and simple pleasures.   

Take a tasteful tour of Texas with the Chorizo and Egg Sandwich, a breakfast staple.  

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