Best Beginner Keto Diet Menus

The perfect keto breakfast maintains dietary balance, albeit with some changes. Look for protein, fat, and produce-based carbohydrates.   

Keto Lunch Keto prohibits deli sandwiches and chips, but we can suggest far tastier alternatives.   

Like breakfast, this keto diet meal should be low carb, high fat, moderate protein, and include leafy greens.  

Keto Snacks The 2 p.m. lull is when carb-heavy pretzels, sweets, and cheese puffs are hardest to resist.  

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The good news: Making keto-friendly snacks is easy. Get plenty of fat, protein, or both. Add vegetables for fiber and vitamins.  

Keto Dinners   Dinner offers many creative opportunities. Fish, poultry, steak, or eggs can be the main course.  

Serve with a vegetable-forward side dish and healthy fat for the perfect keto supper.  

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