Avoiding Dog Depression and Anxiety with Mental Health Tips

Lost loved ones or severe life changes like relocation might cause doggie sadness.   

Others are subtler yet might depress a dog.These difficulties can also indicate medical issues.  

Schedule a vet visit if behavior or mood changes linger more than two days to rule out physical health issues.   

Every dog breed was bred for certain tasks. Some breeds, like the Maltese and Pekingese, were companion animals, but others hunted, retrieved game, or herded.  

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Consider huskies. They were developed to pull sleds miles and be friends.An active working breed in an apartment without exercise may develop stress.  

Although depression is possible, your pet may develop detrimental habits due to boredom and lack of mental stimulation.  

If you meet your dog's breed demands, their mental health will improve.Your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and happy, regardless of breed or size.  

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