An Expert Reveals Restaurants' Biggest Wine List Red Flags

Wine pairs well with fine food and lends a touch of glamour to a dating night. Most diners will order any red or white wine they like.  

If you're worried about restaurant wine prices, check the wine list to avoid overpricing.  

Doreen Winkler, proprietor of Orange Glou in NYC, the world's only orange wine boutique, advised the Daily Meal on which wines to order at restaurants.   

Look for wines that don't match their pricing on the list. Winkler says "a red flag would be seeing wine that's inexpensive and easily found in a wine store or supermarket that's featured on a wine list for a lot more money.  

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If a generic pinot noir or Sauvignon Blanc is listed for more than it would cost at the liquor shop, it's generally not worth ordering.   

Although tasty, the least exceptional wines on the list aren't worth the cost.Avoiding apparent money sinkholes is easy to do to get the best wine value at a restaurant, but also watch the markup on more reasonable selections.  

Consider how [staff] price their wine lists overall rather than bottle or glass markups, says Doreen Winkler. The wine list may price a $80 bottle differently than a $350 bottle.  

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