An Expert Doctor's Colonoscopy Recovery Foods  

Patients learn about colonoscopy prep, but healthcare providers rarely discuss post-procedure nutrition.   

When can I eat normally following a colonoscopy? Hold off on eating until the sedation's fog lifts—your digestive system needs some TLC after the exam.   

Most people can resume their regular diet in a day or two, but follow your doctor's advice. They know your medical history and can recommend the best solutions.  

Which food is best after a colonoscopy? Dr. Lee advises starting eating again with stomach-friendly foods.   

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1) BRAT diet You've probably heard of the BRAT diet—bananas, white bread, white rice, applesauce, and white toast.   

Easy to digest and stool-solidifying, these carbs are great for your post-colonoscopy diet.  

2. Soups Soups are “very easy to digest post colonoscopy,” according to Dr. Lee.   

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