49 Simple Desserts That Don't Need to Be Baked

They taste like truffles. These treats don't need to be baked, so you can make them ahead of time and put them in the fridge or freezer.  

Key Lime Pie with Cream This easy no-bake recipe takes key lime pie to a whole new level!   

Toasted coconut put on top of the whipped cream gives it a little crunch. The crust is made of shortbread cookies.  

fresh raspberry icebox cake. It's best to use thin ginger cookies in this cooling cake.  

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Pie with Peanuts and Cashews This pie is good for both kids and adults! It tastes extra rich because it has a chocolate crust and a caramel topping.  

Trifle with Italian Pineapple In this tart and tropical dessert, pineapple and lemon pie filling are mixed together.   

To get the best results, use crisp ladyfingers. We won't tell anyone if you serve this with a lemoncello you made yourself.  

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