35 Delightful Recipes for Spring Pies  

Simple and Fresh Strawberry Pie I didn't make a cake for my mom's birthday; instead I made this strawberry pie.  

The berries were perfect because it was mid-May in Oklahoma. The whole family will always remember that event.  

Crust made of almonds and lemon juice There are a lot of lemons in our state, and people are always looking for new ways to use them.  

Rhubarb-strawberry pie that wins I ate a lot of rhubarb when I was a kid on a farm, so it makes sense for me to use it in a pie.  

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This recipe won first place at the 2013 Iowa State Fair thanks to these two little tricks. “Marianne Carlson” from Jefferson, Iowa  

Hand Pies with Cherries There's nothing better than a homemade cherry pie that's sweet and delicious.  

Coconut cream pie that you can't resist Our family bought the farm where my husband and I grow wheat in 1889.   

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