20 Healthiest Dog Breeds with Fewest Medical Issues  

What about genetics? If you're seeking to add a new pet to your family, consider one of these healthiest dog breeds.  

Breed mix Truthful mutts are frequently quite healthy, but mixed breeds vary.  

Designer dogs, generally a mix of two popular breeds, are unlikely to be healthier than their purebred parents  

especially if they have inherited health issues like hip dysplasia or hypothyroidism.  

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The Australian cattle dog Australian cattle dogs (heelers) are medium-sized and hardy.  

Well-bred Australian cattle dogs live 12–16 years, which is longer than typical for a dog their size, but what sets them apart is their excellent health in old age.   

However, their activity can cause injuries. Australian dogs are at risk for musculoskeletal abnormalities like hip and elbow dysplasia  

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