18 Quiet Dogs You'll Forget About Noise  

We all know the sound of a neighborhood dog barking nonstop. Many people prefer quiet, comfortable dogs than talkative ones, even though they are charming.   

Bichon Frisée Bichon Frisés are happy, laid-back canines that suit many lifestyles.   

These Mediterranean dogs have a lovely, fluffy, hypoallergenic coat that's perfect for allergy patients.  

Tzu Shih Since Shih Tzus were intended to be companion dogs for Chinese aristocracy, they exude grace and regality.   

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Friendly, outgoing, and calm, they make life easy. However, like Bichon Frisés, their coats need frequent grooming.  

Maltese Pedigree Australia says the Maltese is one of the oldest dog breeds, dating back to 6,000 BC.   

Their tiny size, long, lovely white coats, and kind, charming dispositions make them a joy to be around, which is why we've kept them around so long.  

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