14 Too-Cute Black-and-White Dog Breeds

Your ideal black-and-white dog might range from little Chihuahuas to massive Great Danes.  

Border collie No wonder highly trainable and determined border collies win dog sports and obedience.  

Stanley Coren's book The Intelligence of Dogs calls them among the smartest breeds. However, they need an experienced handling.  

The Boston Terrier These handsome dogs are usually black-and-white, although some have seal- or brindle-and-white coats.  

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Tough terriers are independent and stubborn. The tiny Boston terrier, with its tuxedo coat, is an exception. Neer says these pointy-eared dogs were bred as buddies.  

Chihuahua Since chihuahuas have more colors than most breeds, they sometimes have black-and-white fur.  

These tiny dogs have tremendous personalities, but Neer argues the yappy, grumpy label is unjust. "They are actually incredibly versatile companions," adds.  

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