10 Popular Dog Breeds Most People Regret Getting  

Looks are a bad indicator when picking a dog breed. The following popular breeds are great in the right hands, but don't believe cute Instagram reels  

A Jack Russell Most owners are unaware that Jack Russells are miniature fireballs when they adopt one.  

Without exercise, training, and playfulness, they'll bark, dig, and destroy everything you love.  

Dachshund Dachshunds are popular dogs, but not for everyone.  

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Even though tiny dachshunds are small, they require a lot of care. Mischievous and relentless, they were bred to pursue tiny prey.  

Samoyed Samoyeds are the kindest, most affectionate dogs, but they're not always low-maintenance.  

Samoyeds were workhorses like all northern breeds. When treated like family, they're powerful, energetic, and thrive.  

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