Flower Care

The goal of flower care is to provide hydration and nutrition necessary to allow your flowers to look beautiful and last long. Our flowers are shipped with a plastic free, plant-based hydration wrap. 

During shipping, flowers may lose moisture and appear wilted when you open the box. By following the steps below, they will quickly revive themselves and perk up!

  1. Unwrap and place in water: Use large vases that hold lots of water. In general tap water is just fine, but try to avoid softened water.
  2. Clean Vases: Bacteria are the enemy of flowers so always start with impeccably clean vases.
  3. Process the stems: Cut 1/2 inch off the bottom of the stems with sharp shears. Remove all leaves that will be under water before placing flowers in a vase.
  4. Keep them cool: Keep your flowers in a cool part of the house
  5. Sunlight and pets: Flowers love the sun in the field, but once in a vase, direct sunlight is very hard on them. Display them away from direct sunlight and pets.
  6. Flower Food: Most flowers last perfectly well in plain water, but some need extra sugar to allow them to thrive. Flower food is not necessary unless included in your box.