California Organic Flowers is Now Delphi Flower Company

We have been involved with organic agriculture and business management for the greater part of 20 years. Flowers have always been our passion.

As the floral industry began to change, we noticed that certified organic flowers were not getting their fair share of the limelight. Eventually we came across an opportunity we couldn't pass up. In 2016, we purchased the flower shipping business California Organic Flowers from Mark Kessler and Julia Keener in Chico, CA. They had decided to move onto new ventures after many successful years.

We acquired not only their brand but also their hard earned knowledge. Determined to honor their honest work and legacy, we then set-out to find the perfect new home for the business. 

As we searched for land, and a new home for California Organic Flowers, we experienced many hurdles. But eventually we had the incredible opportunity to acquire the assets of Route 1 Farms in Santa Cruz, CA. The farm is located up the coast at the beautiful Rancho Del Oso and the shipping warehouse is in Santa Cruz, CA.  We are blessed with a year-round growing climate, a historical flower industry presence and a multitude of organic farms to source from. 

At the same time it became evident that we must rename the business. It's a new time and place and the world needs certified organic flowers more than ever! So we are proud to introduce, Delphi Flower Company.

Or simply: Delphi