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100% organically grown. Beauty doesn't begin with the bouquet on your table, it starts with the deep respect we show for all parts of the process, from the earth to the farmer to you.

Family Farmers

Get to know where your blooms come from! Our flowers are all grown in California and come straight from the farm to your door.  They are designed for you by farmer florists with love and care.

Certified Organic

The California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and USDA Organic designations are the top certifications for ecologically responsible practices throughout every step from field to vase. As a result, choosing organic helps prevent damage to valuable water resources, protect species diversity and combat climate change.


We source flowers directly from farmers to send you the freshest, most seasonal experience. Our sustainable packaging is not only plastic free but is compostable and recyclable. 

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the organic flower company